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When was the last time you designed your own presentation and came up with that "Nah! That will not do!" reaction?

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Excel Trainer Ahmedabad

If you are under the mistaken impression that Microsoft Excel cannot be used for anything except as spreadsheet containing just a collection of cells in which you can put a variety of formula's, then you will be pleasantly surprised at the surprising large number of graphical images that it can be used to produce that could boost your business manifold.

Just for starters, have you used the Power-pivot feature that has been added? Or if you have a SharePoint site, then how it can be used in conjunction with PowerPoint to produce an astonishingly large variety of Pivotcharts, Charts, representational graphics that uniquely depict your business, business icons and the like that make this spreadsheet software stand out from it's rivals.

I have a number of Facebook Pages on Excel, but the three most noteworthy are [MICROSOFT EXCEL AND VBA CUSTOMISATION], [VISUAL BASIC FOR APPLICATIONS - EXCEL] and [EXCEL TRAINER AHMEDABAD], of course. Our Facebook  Group [ADVANCED MICROSOFT EXCEL] is having a membership that has already crossed 3600 members, not bad for a fledgling group!

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